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Learn Homeopathy

Healing With Homeopathy
Dr Rachna Kapoor
Healing With Homeopathy
*Slides included with the video. This online course on homeopathy covers the top 10 First-Aid Remedies.

Practical Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy - an overview 

For us homeopathy is more than a federally recognised system of medicine, it is a wholesome approach to healing.

Homeopathy has transformed our lives and we truly regard it as a pathway to attaining health autonomy and leading a lifestyle of wholesome wellness. 

Gateway I

Homeopathy Courses - Gateway 1 - Dr Rachna Kapoor, MD, MPH, PHom

Ideal for beginners

This course introduces you to the laws of homeopathy and covers both classical and practical forms of homeopathy. It helps you appreciate the similarities and distinguish the differences between these two forms. Encompassing case studies from Joette’s decades of practice, this course aims to give students the knowledge and confidence to treat themselves and their families for acute and chronic conditions using homeopathic remedies. 


Gateway 1 is a 5-week study group covering the following topics: 


  • Classical homeopathy

  • First Aid and Acute Care

  • The Banerji Protocols

  • Protocols for Acute Conditions

  • Protocols for Chronic Conditions

Homeopathy - an overview 

Explore our FAQs page where we have compiled a comprehensive list of frequent questions and queries to help you disambiguate certain concepts and fundamentals regarding homeopathy. 

Gateway II

Homeopathy Courses - Gateway 2 - Dr Rachna Kapoor, MD, MPH, PHom

Ideal for students who have completed Gateway to Homeopathy I and are seeking to deepen their knowledge of homeopathy.

This course is designed for students and healthcare practitioners who are particularly concerned about the overuse of prescription drugs and illnesses that are considered incurable. This course covers advanced topics in homeopathy and homeopathic remedies that deal with acute & chronic conditions. It involves discussions on how homeopathic medicines are manufactured, what sets Practical Homeopathy apart, how to travel with your remedies, cell salts and more.


Gateway 2 is a 4-week study group covering the following topics: 


  • Cells Salts

  • Colds, Influenza, and Seasonal Allergies

  • Emergency Care 

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